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Connecticut car accident suspect charged, surrenders

Anyone living in New Haven, Connecticut, is probably aware of how frequently car accidents occur. While there are laws in place to catch drivers disobeying road regulations, there are many cases in which the negligence of one person causes a great deal of harm and grief to others. Sadly, even witnessing or reading about a car crash does not always convey the seriousness of the mistake committed by the driver responsible for the tragic accident.

A resident of Farmington, Connecticut, recently turned himself in to local police after discovering that he faced several charges, including manslaughter. The charges pertain to a head-on car collision, which occurred earlier this year and resulted in two deaths. According to police, the man was driving while intoxicated and speeding when the accident occurred. Additionally, he was also operating a vehicle even though his license was suspended.

Understanding the seriousness of medical malpractice

There are many reasons why a person may need to see a doctor and seek treatment, as residents of New Haven, Connecticut, probably understand. Often, a medical issue requires medication for a fixed amount of time, after which the patient will be well again. However, sometimes, more intensive treatment may be required. Either way, the attending doctor needs to use the doctor's experience and make a decision about the type of therapy that is appropriate under those circumstances.

When making a decision, there is potential for the doctor to ignore, intentionally or otherwise, some aspect of the patient's case if the cure does not work as hoped. In fact, the treatment may end up aggravating the problem or causing other complications. The doctor's error, however inadvertent, may be fatal for the patient. From the patient's perspective, this may be considered a case of professional misconduct, and there are laws that punish doctors for such medical malpractice, such as suspending the doctor's license to practice medicine.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury

New Haven, Connecticut, residents may be aware that the spine is a most critical area within the body. An injury to any part of the spinal cord can result in serious injuries, which can sometimes have life-altering consequences. Also, even a seemingly innocuous fall can be the cause of a spine injury. Anyone suffering from discomfort or unusual pain after a fall or an accident should therefore seek medical attention as a precaution.

There are also concerns about recovering from a spinal cord injury. Depending on the kind of injury suffered, the person may have to undergo a considerably long rehabilitation before completely recovering all bodily functions. In many cases, support devices such as walkers and wheelchairs may be required to assist with a person's movement. These recovery procedures often also involve specialized therapists and nurses who help a person overcome any weakness from the injury, whether physical or psychological.

How does Erb's palsy occurs in children?

The delivery of a child is by no means an easy process, as residents of New Haven, Connecticut surely know. It can be a stressful time for the mother as well as the rest of the family and the experience of the doctor is of paramount importance. Further, any birth injury can have significant consequences on the child's growth and development, which also necessitates that a highly skilled specialist conducts the birth.

The manner in which the child is brought out of the birth canal can injure the baby, especially if the head or neck or upper arms are put under pressure. This region houses the set of nerves called the brachial plexus, and a birth injury to this part alone can paralyze the child's arm. When this paralysis affects the upper as well as lower arm, it is referred to by the term Erb's palsy.

Connecting the dots between car crashes and brain trauma

This might sound like a safety drill scenario that most residents of New Haven, Connecticut, may have seen. A person crashes a car, usually head-on, and the safety air bag pops out, preventing the person from being thrown forward. But the person's neck and head seem to oscillate forward and backward, and although the person may appear safe, there's a significant chance the individual may have suffered a concussion due to the sudden and rapid movement of the head.

Despite their innocuousness, concussions, otherwise called mild traumatic brain injuries, can have serious aftereffects. They are usually harder to diagnose, as even the usual symptoms may not occur right away. For instance, a person may be able to walk out of the individual's vehicle, and even manage to describe the event, but then suddenly lose consciousness or exhibits other unusual behavior. Sometimes, this may not even happen for days subsequent to the accident.

What are Connecticut's texting and driving laws?

Driving any kind of vehicle is an act of responsibility, as all New Haven, Connecticut, residents are probably aware. The requirement that drivers carry licenses also stipulates that they follow the state's driving rules, regulations and laws. Among these laws is a ban on texting while driving. Drivers caught texting will likely to receive a traffic citation for the act - in addition to the harm it may cause to other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

This strict rule is necessitated by the fact that drivers are likely to be distracted when doing so, and thus pose a risk not only to themselves but also others on the road. The severity of the law does change for certain drivers. For instance, operators of buses are prohibited from using cell phones altogether while driving buses. Besides being a large vehicle capable of significant damage in a collision, it is easy to see why bus drivers are held to higher standard, given that a bus can carry a greater number of passengers than normal cars.

Ignoring head injury can be a big mistake

Concussion-related news has been garnering substantial media attention as sports power houses such as the NFL and the NCAA are paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits over player concussions, as recent examples show. It is evident that concussions are in fact serious injuries with long-term effects and should not be taken lightly.

A concussion is usually defined as a brain injury that alters the manner in which a person's brain performs its functions. Concussions are caused by a severe head trauma, which results in the brain colliding with the skull. The typical symptoms of a concussion are difficulty in concentrating, confusion or amnesia, dizziness, nausea, and severe headaches. Additionally, it is also possible that a person who has suffered a concussion undergoes psychological and personality changes or a descent into depression.

Driver strikes, injures university student in Connecticut

An auto accident not only causes physical pain and suffering to a victim injured in the crash but also gives rise to a fresh set of challenges related to work, education, and in some cases, even normal day-to-day activities. While a worker can lose wages due to absences from work, a student may miss important lectures or miss submission deadlines severely affecting grades and in the process, the future prospects of that student.

One such incident where a student was injured in an auto accident, played out in Connecticut in the nearby city of Bridgeport. According to reports, a junior at Sacred Heart University was struck by a car recently when the car accident victim was crossing a street.

How do courts determine validity of medical malpractice lawsuits?

Despite the faith that most people have in their medical caregivers, it is entirely possible that a doctor error can result in a medical procedure that injures a patient. New Haven, Connecticut, residents may know that the laws of the state provide a legal remedy for patients and their families suffering from physician's negligence.

However, to ensure that the courts only handle genuine cases of medical malpractice, certain conditions must be met. Most importantly, the person filing the lawsuit must be able to prove that there was indeed negligence on the part of the doctor. Such proof usually takes the form of another doctor's opinion, without which the lawsuit may be deemed invalid.

Can a doctor be responsible for a child born with Erb's Palsy?

As residents of New Haven, Connecticut, no doubt know, the process of childbirth can be extremely painful and highly complicated. Despite the utmost care demonstrated by doctors and nurses, both the mother and child can be at risk. Parents expect that the physicians in charge of deliveries are extremely careful and do their utmost to ensure the best of care. But there is still a chance that the doctor's actions can cause grievous damage to both the baby and the mother.

One type of birth injury is Erb's Palsy, which can paralyze an infant's arms and cause a loss of sensation in the fingers. This occurs as a result of an injury to the brachial plexus, or the nerves connecting the spinal cord and the arm. Most often the injury is caused by the application of excessive pressure when using forceps or a vacuum pump, during childbirth.

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