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Hopes and fears for spinal cord injury victims

The words "spinal cord injury" are capable of making anyone feel anxiety, especially when contemplating the outcome and effects of such an injury. In Connecticut, most spinal cord injury patients are male, which is similar to the rest of the United States. Injuries to the spine can be extremely dangerous for both adults and children, and, until a few decades ago, anyone with an injured spinal cord was definitely not expected to recover. Today, with the advancement of medical treatment, varying degrees of revival have been seen in patients, although total recovery can only be found in the rarest of rare cases.

According to available statistics, about 12,000 cases of spinal cord injury occur every year in the United States. Almost 40 percent of the cases stem from motor vehicle accidents. About one quarter of spinal cord injuries result from slips or falls and, more than a third of the cases result from other trauma, such as gunshots, sports injuries or other causes.

Brain injury law aims to improve education, create database

Brain injury is a potentially devastating predicament, especially in children. It often develops in the form of a minor or serious concussion and can be dangerous, particularly if it goes untreated or is ignored.

Earlier this year in Connecticut, the Governor signed legislation that has a unique objective. The sole objective of the legislation, which has recently been passed, is to reduce the number of concussions that children suffer across the state.

Are there benefits for brain injury victims in Connecticut?

Brain injury patients in Connecticut may receive financial help after suffering a brain trauma if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Brain trauma patients may be obtain financial help from several different federal programs designed solely for this purpose. These include Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income.

Supplemental Security Income is available to individuals that have no or very little income. The program can assist with nutrition, clothing and accommodations. Individuals can find out if they are eligible with the assistance of an available online screening tool. Social Security Disability Insurance provides payments to those with brain trauma if they have paid into Social Security before their injury. In certain cases, SSDI can also provide assistance to a disabled person's spouse and children.

Obtaining compensation for medical negligence

Medical negligence cases are far too common in the nation these days, including in the state of Connecticut. The number of medical facilities has increased across the state over the past few decades and this has resulted in an increase in the number of incidents of negligence. The demand for prompt medical services has increased and while coping with the pressure of providing speedy services and the industry's inherent need for increased volume and revenue, medical professionals are failing to uphold their duty of care much more frequently.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical practitioner departs from the accepted professional standard of care owed to a patient while providing treatment. When negligence on the part of a medical professional results in injury to a patient, the patient injured in the process can initiate a lawsuit against the doctor or the medical facility to recover damages.

Car accident laws in Connecticut: DUI hit and run cases

It is required by Connecticut laws that when there is an accident, motor vehicle drivers involved in it must immediately stop at or near the scene of the crash. If the person has left the scene of the crash, he or she is required to return to the site as soon as possible.

A person involved in a crash that injures another individual is required by law to reasonably assist the injured person. He or she is also required to provide accurate information to the police. This may include the driver's name, his or her address, driver license, car registration and insurance details.

Man dies due to physician assistant's negligence

Medical negligence cases are frequent in Connecticut. With the increasing demand for swift medical care services, the medical industry has come up with care facilities that offer speedy medical assistance for all kinds of medical issues.

A decade ago, the level of access and promptness that is available today was unconceivable. Given that medical negligence cases are also increasing in numbers every day, this has increased the need for firmer regulations, ensuring transparency in treatment and medical care.

New Haven birth injury lawyers can help aggrieved parents

The birth of a child is one of the most miraculous events of one's life. However in many cases, doctors or medical practitioners may hinder the joy of childbirth with their negligence. Birth injuries may render a child with prolonged chronic illness. The attorneys at Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, L.L.C. have helped many families win birth injury lawsuits.

Many times birth injuries may occur during delivery of the child. Forceps injuries are unfortunately rather common in Connecticut. Cerebral palsy, shoulder dystopia, or even fetal trauma may also be associated with birth injuries. The parents of the infant child may have legal recourse in such cases. Our attorneys have specialized in personal injury lawsuits, including birth injuries.

Is CT scanning enough for determination of spinal cord injury?

The spinal cord contains the most sensitive and delicate collection of neurons in the human body. Spinal cord injuries refer to any injury or wound suffered by an individual to the spine or any nearby area. Legally, however, spinal cord injuries only take into account acquired spinal cord injuries suffered by a victim. Connecticut law does not take into consideration congenital diseases or injuries for the purpose of legal cases.

Detecting a spinal cord injury is very significant for the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured victim. However, some medical researchers are suggesting that CT scans may not always successfully detect spinal cord injuries. This can lead to misdiagnosis and hinder the injured victim's recuperation. While CT scans are very successful in discovering any injury to the bone, injuries suffered in ligaments can be undetected in CT scans.

New technology developed for spinal cord injury victims

The spinal cord has some of the most sensitive neurons in the human anatomy. Any injury to the spinal cord may lead to severe physical and psychological ailments or disabilities. Many new inventions have been made by researchers to help those who have suffered spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injury victims recently found fresh faith with the introduction of a new invention geared toward spinal cord injury research.

The new surgery, however, requires the human body to be in shape. Thus, a fund was set up by a foundation to develop a spinal cord injury victim's boot camp. Under this initiative, all patients who have been diagnosed with chronic spinal cord injury are entitled to proper training to prepare themselves for the upcoming surgery. The need for the specialized boot camp has been stressed by the foundation, which includes an intense workout regime carried on at the boot camp for as long as six to eight weeks. After the boot camp prepares the chronically injured by getting the victim into better shape, the new age surgery can be performed.

Obtaining compensation for a brain injury in Connecticut

The brain is one of the most vital organs in the human body. Injuries to the brain may lead to years of recovery or even permanent disability. Acquired traumatic brain injuries refer to any injury sustained by the victim to the person's head or brain. Brain injuries often cause the victim and the victim's family to incur thousands of dollars in debt for medical treatments and expenses. People may not be able to pay these bills as they recover from debilitating injuries.

Often, the responsible party may try and find loopholes to evade paying any compensation to the victim. Our team of legal experts and accessible medical experts will draw out the most comprehensive case for our clients.

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