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Medical negligence during surgical procedures

New Haven, Connecticut, residents may have witnessed cases of medical malpractice. In general, medical malpractice refers to those errors that occur due to negligence during surgery or other medical treatments. Those incidents represent deviations from the standard precautions that are usually taken during treatment.

Sometimes, a patient undergoes a treatment or surgery meant for some other patient. At times, surgery is performed at a site other than the intended one. Such negligence can cause significant personal injury to the patient and, sometimes, even death.

Tackling road rage-the worst form of aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is a common problem across the United States, including Connecticut. Unfortunately, the worst form of aggressive driving-road rage-is too common and has too many negative consequences, including accidents that injure and killed, that it cannot be ignored by legislators and law enforcement authorities. For this reason, Connecticut stresses how both newer and older more experienced drivers can avoid it.

Driving is privilege, not a right, and acceptance of a driver's license comes with many responsibilities, including self-control. Studies of aggressive driving behavior have found that many factors-increased traffic on roads, improper driving techniques learned from parents, reduced sense of courtesy and immaturity in some drivers-contribute to road rage and, too often, car accidents.

Professional football players donate their brains for research

As many residents of New Haven, Connecticut, might be aware, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries among professional athletes who play in the National Football League are issues that garnered a lot of attention last year. According to reports, as many as 111 players suffered concussions on the field during the 2014 NFL season. Even though this number is alarming enough, it is considerably lower than the 148 players who suffered concussions in the 2013 season.

In fact, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, which has the largest brain repository in the country, 76 of 79 former NFL players who were examined had some form of a degenerative brain disease. Stemming from similar injuries, such as neck injuries, 4,500 former NFL players filed lawsuits claiming compensation for the brain injuries they sustained on the field. The NFL is now on its way to settling that lawsuit for $1 billion.

Dealing with insurance issues after a spinal cord injury-Part II

After someone sustains a spinal cord injury, one of the most important issues he or she must deal with is insurance coverage because treatment and rehabilitation are just as expensive in Connecticut as they are in any other Northeastern state. A previous post on this blog discussed the basic steps spinal cord injury victims and their families can take to maximize their chances of insurance compensation.

Unfortunately, getting payment on an insurance claim is not always easy. Sometimes claimants have to go the extra mile to ensure that their claims are processed without delay. The basics were presented in the previous post. This blog amplifies on some of the details.

A Connecticut lawyer can help obtain damages in birth injury

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, will agree that birth injuries may be among the saddest things that can happen to parents. Most birth injuries are caused due to negligence of healthcare staff and they can happen during labor and delivery of a child. Several factors, including oxygen deprivation to a baby's brain, wrong medication and untrained healthcare staff, may contribute to a birth injury.

Severe birth injury may affect a child for the child's whole life with a lifetime disability that most likely will need medical care. In cases of cerebral palsy which is caused by widespread brain damage, a child may face difficulties in discharging the simplest day-to-day activities. A severe form of cerebral palsy restricts a child's ability to walk and speak incoherently.

Dealing with insurance issues after a spinal cord injury-Part I

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, would agree that treatment and rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury can cause financial challenges for the spinal cord injury victim, as well as for the victim's family. To address those problems, most victims and their families rely on insurance coverage. However, negotiating an adequate claim with the insurance company is often difficult because, for insurance companies, a lesser payout means greater profits, which can be even more difficult for victims and their families.

However, if victims and their families follow certain steps, dealing with insurance companies after a spinal cord injury may not be so challenging. The first step requires a victim to understand the benefits offered by the insurance policy. In addition to the benefits, the insured person must also be aware of the exclusions, definitions and any other relevant information that may be listed in the fine print. If the spinal cord injury qualifies for workers' compensation, the victim and the victim's family must understand the benefits following a trauma.

How can patients help prevent medical malpractice? Part 2

As a previous weblog discussed, Connecticut patients might find the reality of distressing medical events somewhat sobering. Specific tips were provided in that post that can help patients avoid the sort of adverse medical events that lead to medical malpractice. That post also talked more in depth about problems with medications and how to prevent or avoid them. This post will do something similar and discuss precautions patients should take whenever they face a hospital stay or surgery.

What is one common health threat that faces all hospital patients? Infectious disease. The typical hospital has concentrations of patients and health-care workers who are there to assist them. This means it includes people with a variety of medical conditions, some which are transmissible infections. If basic precautions are not followed during a hospital stay, you may become ill. One basic prevention measure is to make sure anyone who is going to touch you washes his or her hands first.

How can patients help prevent medical malpractice? Part 1

Any Connecticut resident who has been in the care of a physician, hospital or other medical facility might find the following fact especially sobering. One of every seven Medicare patients in hospitals will be a victim of a medical error.. Adverse medical events that lead to malpractice cases can occur anywhere, including a hospital, a patient's home or a doctor's clinic and can involve medicines, surgery, diagnoses or lab reports.

What is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of medical malpractice? Become fully involved with your own health care. Several studies have pointed out that a lack of communication between patients and doctors increases the likelihood that an adverse medical event will occur.

Five injured in early morning two-car crash on I-91

As most Connecticut residents can imagine, seeing a loved one severely injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle is among the worst traumas a family can endure. When the facts of an accident show that a negligent driver was responsible, many of those injured may be understandably angry. Fortunately, some instances of negligence are punishable criminal offenses, and almost all instances of negligence can lead to civil litigation.

One recent car accident involving two cars on Interstate 91 north of Wallingford may well result in personal injury lawsuits being filed on behalf of at least some of the five people injured. According to the Connecticut State Police, the 2:40 a.m. accident occurred near exit 14 when a 2005 Toyota Scion on Interstate 91 when was struck from behind by a 2009 Nissan ATS. The Toyota had been stopped in the center lane of the highway after an earlier accident. The driver of the Toyota was not injured, but his passenger was. The Nissan driver and all three passengers in that vehicle also sustained injuries. The injured were transported to area hospitals for treatment of undisclosed injuries. Although some of those in the Nissan were apparently not wearing seatbelts, there were no ejections from the vehicle.

Helping spinal cord injury victims obtain compensation

Whether they like to think about it or not, every Connecticut resident can be injured in an accident at virtually any time. Although an accident may not result in a serious injury or death, a handful out of every few thousand do leave people handicapped for years and sometimes for life. Not every spinal cord injury results in paraplegia or quadriplegia, but many do result in permanent disability. The results are usually huge medical expenses and lost income. Both the physical and financial losses can affect victims and their families for years, creating emotional distress for every family member.

For more than 25 years, our law firm has been helping all personal injury victims, including those suffering from spinal cord trauma, recover compensation when their injuries were caused by the negligence of others.

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