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Is CT scanning enough for determination of spinal cord injury?

The spinal cord contains the most sensitive and delicate collection of neurons in the human body. Spinal cord injuries refer to any injury or wound suffered by an individual to the spine or any nearby area. Legally, however, spinal cord injuries only take into account acquired spinal cord injuries suffered by a victim. Connecticut law does not take into consideration congenital diseases or injuries for the purpose of legal cases.

Detecting a spinal cord injury is very significant for the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured victim. However, some medical researchers are suggesting that CT scans may not always successfully detect spinal cord injuries. This can lead to misdiagnosis and hinder the injured victim's recuperation. While CT scans are very successful in discovering any injury to the bone, injuries suffered in ligaments can be undetected in CT scans.

New technology developed for spinal cord injury victims

The spinal cord has some of the most sensitive neurons in the human anatomy. Any injury to the spinal cord may lead to severe physical and psychological ailments or disabilities. Many new inventions have been made by researchers to help those who have suffered spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injury victims recently found fresh faith with the introduction of a new invention geared toward spinal cord injury research.

The new surgery, however, requires the human body to be in shape. Thus, a fund was set up by a foundation to develop a spinal cord injury victim's boot camp. Under this initiative, all patients who have been diagnosed with chronic spinal cord injury are entitled to proper training to prepare themselves for the upcoming surgery. The need for the specialized boot camp has been stressed by the foundation, which includes an intense workout regime carried on at the boot camp for as long as six to eight weeks. After the boot camp prepares the chronically injured by getting the victim into better shape, the new age surgery can be performed.

Obtaining compensation for a brain injury in Connecticut

The brain is one of the most vital organs in the human body. Injuries to the brain may lead to years of recovery or even permanent disability. Acquired traumatic brain injuries refer to any injury sustained by the victim to the person's head or brain. Brain injuries often cause the victim and the victim's family to incur thousands of dollars in debt for medical treatments and expenses. People may not be able to pay these bills as they recover from debilitating injuries.

Often, the responsible party may try and find loopholes to evade paying any compensation to the victim. Our team of legal experts and accessible medical experts will draw out the most comprehensive case for our clients.

Joan Rivers' death calls forth medical negligence lawsuit

Medical negligence or medical malpractice follows from the oft quoted principle of negligence under tort law. Medical malpractice refers to any act or omission on part of the doctor or any other medical practitioner that causes injury to the patient. Under Connecticut personal injury laws, medical negligence is subject to strict regulations.

Noted comedian Joan Rivers recently died when she suffered a massive coronary attack while going through a routine endoscopy procedure. Investigations relating to the death revealed that the 81-year-old Rivers' oxygen supply was discontinued while under the procedure. The victim's daughter has lodged a wrongful death lawsuit alleging medical malpractice by the medical practitioners. During the routine procedure, Rivers had also undergone a biopsy. It was alleged that it was during the second procedure that the comedian suffered a fatal coronary attack.

Car accident insurance laws in Connecticut

Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Many car accidents may be caused by improper road maintenance. In some cases, one of the drivers may be found guilty of violating traffic laws such as speeding, illegally shifting lanes, driving while intoxicated or driving while texting. For those reasons, car owners must make sure that they buy the proper insurance for their cars.

An uninsured car owner may face major legal, as well as financial, problems if that person causes an accident for any reason. However, a driver can buy additional insurance to cover various situations. However, it is an unfortunate fact than many car owners may be underinsured all over the United States.

New electric stimulation treatment for spinal cord injury victims

Any injury received to a region near the spinal cord may result in a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries take into account all acquired injuries during one's lifetime and does not include congenital spine disabilities.

In an effort to help victims, researchers are always seeking new technologies and methods to treat spinal cord injuries. The Connecticut chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association has also come up with a new technology for treating all victims of spinal cord injuries. One of the new innovations in spinal cord injury research is the functional electrical stimulation treatment. This form of treatment has proved to be very effective for patients who have suffered paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. The process includes a computer microprocessor generating electrical currents to further generate contractions to the paralyzed area of the victim.

A Connecticut car accident lawyer can help seek legal recourse

Car accidents victims may suffer major physical impairments which can lead to years of physical therapy and other medical expenses. With over two decades of experience, the attorneys at Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge LLC have represented car accident victims since 1988.

The plethora of legal experts at our firm, with years of experience have garnered the know how to give the best legal advice to car accident victims in Connecticut. Car accident victims may suffer from any number of injuries, including but not limited to whiplash, spinal cord injuries, brain and head injuries or even death. A car accident victim may also suffer from psychological trauma including depression and anxiety due to the multitude of problems associated with a car crash. Our law firm has handled car accident cases covering all these situations.

What are the services for brain injury victims in Connecticut?

Traumatic brain injuries refer to any injury caused to the brain due to an accident, bump or hit. Congenital injuries or brain impairments are not included in the definition. Traumatic brain injury for the purpose of establishing a personal injury lawsuit must be an acquired brain injury, according to Connecticut law.

Acquired brain injury, which is distinguished from congenital brain impairment, occurs after birth due to external factors. Car accidents and sports-related head injuries are some of the leading causes of brain injuries. Such external head injuries can often lead to an adverse effect on the brain.

Some important information about cerebral palsy

Any injury that an infant suffers during birth may be referred to as a birth injury. An infant may suffer or acquire such injuries at any stage of the birthing process including during delivery by medical practitioners. If a child suffers injury during birth, medical negligence could be the cause.

It is very important to remember that the baby is extremely vulnerable to any physical injury and the doctor must proceed carefully. Often, forceps used during childbirth may lead to permanent brain and head injury. Cerebral palsy is one of the most prominent examples of birth injuries in Connecticut.

Obtaining car accident records in Connecticut

There can be different reasons for car accidents, but one of the leading causes is distracted driving. A driver may be distracted for many reasons, including driving under the influence, driving while texting or driving while intoxicated. Connecticut authorities often evaluate various statistical data relating to car accidents in order to formulate the necessary rules for road safety.

An accident investigation into the cause of a crash is very important for Connecticut authorities. The Department of Transportation dictates that all accident investigation reports collected by authorities have to be submitted to the department as soon as possible since those records help the department to develop statistics regarding car accidents. Such logistics help the authorities to forecast and take preventative steps to help motorists avoid car accidents.

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